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Resort Rules

We are a small private resort, located hillside at Lambug Beach Road, around 900m away from Lambug Beach. We can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests in 6 rooms

Dear guests!

You should feel comfortable, rest and enjoy your stay at our resort. We've put a lot of effort into setting it up and hope you'll find everything you need. The following rules and regulations should be a help for a harmonious stay. By treating the accommodation properly, you will continue to help us to offer you and other guests satisfying facilities. General if you miss anything in the facility or if you need help, just contact our staff. All things that are provided can, may and should be used by the guests. Please handle all the equipment and inventory carefully and treat the property with care. Please make sure that your fellow travelers also comply with the resort rules and rental conditions.


By booking a room, we assume that the resort rules and regulations are read, recognized and accepted by all guests.


Accidents, Injuries, Losses

We try to operate a safe environment; the management is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or losses from any cause. Guest will use all facilities and amenities of the resort at their own risk.



For breakfast we charge 180php/pax. In case you want breakfast, please talk to our staff and order one day in advance.


CCTV / security cameras

For safety reasons the resort is equipped with 24 hours security cameras. All movements are detected, viewed on TV monitor and recorded. Violators will be apprehended and reported to the police.


Check-in / Check-out

Check-in is possible from 2pm. Valid ID or Passport of the main tenant is needed for check-in procedure. On the day of departure, we ask our guests to vacate the room by no later than 12 o'clock noon. Our staff will check your room on check-out for damages and leftovers you may forgot.

Late check-out until 1pm without extra charges may be possible upon request.

Delayed check-out will be charged with 150php per hour until 5pm.

After 5pm additional full over night stay will be charged on top.


Cleaning / Make-up the room

In case you want your room to be cleaned, please inform our staff and/or put the „make-up the room“-sign at your doorknob outside the entrance door. Towels placed on the floor will be replaced by fresh towels. Up to 3 days of use we will only re-arrange the beddings. After 3 days of use, we can renew the beddings on request.

If you ever happen to a mishap (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces,...), we ask you to eliminate this immediately and/or ask our staff for assistance.

For rough/serious stains on towels or beddings additional cleaning charges may apply. (250php each towel/bedding)



No one deliberately damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. Please inform us of the damage immediately, so that we do not notice this during the room check on your check out or after your departure at the end of the cleaning. The renter is liable for damages in the amount of the replacement cost and a one time service fee of 800php.


Duty of care

We ask our guests to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that fellow travelers and relatives comply with the rental conditions. Shoes should be removed before entering your room. The door of your room must be locked by key when leaving the property. Similarly, all windows should be closed and locked when leaving to avoid possible damage due to weather or burglary.


Firearms or Weapons

Firearms and any kind of weapons are strictly prohibited on the resort property.


Grill area and outdoor kitchen

For using the grill area the guests have to purchase charcoal from the resort. For using the gas stove(s) the guests have to purchase butane gas fuel canister from the resort. No other charges apply. The grill area as the outdoor kitchen and devices should be treated with care and left as found.



We offer a wireless internet connection (Wifi). You should find the password in your room, if not you can ask our staff. The use of the internet is free. You use the internet at your own risk, the owner excludes any liability in connection with the Internet use of the tenant.



The management is not liable for valuables of the guest(s) within the facilities. For additional safety of your valuables we offer a small safe/deposit box in the cabinet of every room.



In the spirit of a relaxing quiet environment, we ask you to refrain from karaoke activities and to keep the enjoyment of music to a tolerable level, so that other guests do not feel disturbed and can still enjoy their stay.


Parent and guardian responsibility

All children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by parents or a guardian.



At the resort on site we accept:

Cash payment, GCash, PayPal and bank transfer (approved payment).



No pets any kind allowed on the property.



The main parking area is located in front of the main residential house at the entrance area. In case of locked gate, please ask our staff for assistance. Using the parking area on the guets own risk, the management is not liable for any damages or theft.


Rental Security Deposit

There is a mandatory rental security deposit of 1000php taken at the check-in. It will be refunded on your check-out after the staff checked the room for damages and loss of equipment, and if no other incident involving additional costs for the resort occured.



For official reservation a down payment of 50% at the time of booking is required. A full payment should be given on the check-in. In case of cancellation or no arrival, for the down payment is no refund available.


Resources of water and electricity

We kindly ask you to turn of the water, lights, TV and airconditioning when not in use. The aircondition will cool down your room in a few minutes. When the airconditioning is running, please keep all doors and windows closed.


Right of owner

For immediately necessary repairs, it may be essential that the staff must enter the rooms without the knowledge of the guest. Same applies for making-up the room if requested.

If the aircondition is still running after the guests locked the room and left the lot, we reserve the right to shutdown the electricity of the room.

We reserve the right to evict/eject any guest or group of guest should we find them engaging in fraternity haze initiations or fighting, under the influence of illegal drugs or too much alcohol. We also reserve the right to call the police if needed.


Room keys and hotel key tag device for electricity

Please never give the keys out of hand. A loss of the key has to be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs. A lost or broken hotel key tag device for the room electricity will be charged with 600php. Its not allowed to remove the hotel key tag device or any key from the keychain. For a lost room key we have to charge 1500php because it results in changing the doorlock for security reasons. The room key(s) must be given to the staff when you leave the resort.

If the aircondition is still running after the guests locked the room and left the lot, we reserve the right to shutdown the electricity of the room.


Swimming Pool

There is no lifeguard on duty. Using the pool is at your own risk. Children all age must be observed by the presence of at least one parent or guardian.

Rules for the pool area:

- Shower before enter the pool

- Wear slippers on the sundeck

- No running or horseplay

- No jumping in the pool

- No eating and drinking

Please take meals at designated eating areas such as the terrace of your room or the roofdeck of the guard house.



Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms. Please leave the room for smoking. The cigarette remains have to be disposed properly! Ashtrays are available on request. Disposal on the property is strictly prohibited and fined with 500php. Smoking in the room is fined with 1500php.


Waste disposal

We try our best to keep our resort as clean as possible. Please throw all your trash in the designated trash bins. Littering on the property will be fined with 500php. Food leftovers should promptly disposed, because our friends the ants are very resourceful guys and we would like to avoid them within the rooms. No kind of waste, trash, leftovers, harmful liquids may be thrown or poured in the toilet, the lavatory and shower sink.

Please avoid anything that can lead to clogging of the pipes.


By booking a room, we assume that the resort rules and regulations are read, recognized and accepted by all guests.


Thank you for your attention.

We wish you a pleasant stay, a lot of fun, relaxation and recreation.

For questions we are happy to help.


Kind regards

Management of SBG Resort Lambug


SBG Resort
We are a small private resort, located hillside at Lambug Beach Road, around 900m away from Lambug Beach Badian, Cebu. We can accommodate up to 30 guests in 6 rooms.
Lambug Beach Road, Badian
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